What is Karrot?

Karrot is a facebook marketing app for businesses that sell online. Karrot makes it easy for marketers to drive impulse purchase and product discovery using a new kind of promotional discount called a 'Karrot'.

A conventional discount gives away all your margin in one go. It's a fixed loss. Multiplied by thousands of claims. Karrots give away margin incrementally, at different rates for each claim. The discount is based on the number of supporters that a buyer gets. So the biggest discounts are earned, not simply given away.

Karrots incentivise social interaction with your promotion. In turn multiplying product discovery and deep brand engagement. So every supporter discovers who you are, what you sell and why their friend cares. Measurable. Repeatable. Scalable. It's word of mouth advertising on digital steroids.

How it Works

A series of micro-discounts

Karrots are discounts that start tiny and get incrementally larger. When a Karrot is claimed, each claimant can invite their facebook friends to 'support' them. The discount increases a little with each new supporter.

Once the time or discount limit is reached, the claimant is emailed an offer at the closing price.


Viral baked in

A Karrot may be claimed as many times as you allow. Each new claim activates a viral multiplier: up to the number of supporters you require for the full discount. The right Karrot could attract and engage tens of thousands. Best of all, Karrots connect friends in the context of buying your products. It's the strongest social 'buy' signal that can be sent.

Maximise profit and promotion

The discount that is offered will be small if a claim only gets a few supporters. But with Karrot, less promotion means higher profit margin because your discount is proportional.

If a claimant accepts their offer price we take payment immediately (via PayPal) and send it through with a Sales Order. Totally hassle-free.

Online retailers love Karrot. Here's why:


Karrots create meaningful, social interaction in the context of your brand and products. 

See direct ROI in your bank account. Karrot facilitates online payments using PayPal.

It's hard to lose on a Karrot. Offer the discounts and benefits that your competitors can’t match.

Karrots promote friendship and cooperation. Make your social marketing more effective, less evil.

30 day trial. Fully featured. No risk.

Then continue your success for just $99/month.